Unne Liljeblad - Mix Engineer

Some mixing and production highlights

Mixing A Song

If you feel like you’re hitting a wall trying to finish your record, don’t feel bad. Mixing your own music is much harder than mixing somebody else’s, and it’s easy to lose perspective or run out of creative juices when nearing the end.   It’s also rare for someone to be an expert at all parts of the creative process.

This is why most artists and producers hire professional mix engineers. For the past 15 years, I have been focusing on that last part of the creative process, helping artists and producers achieve their sonic visions. It has been a privilege and an incredible learning process. I would love to help you with your next project.

The Process

After contacting me, upload your project using an uploading service like Wetransfer or Dropbox. I accept Logic Sessions or .wav files.

I will prepare the session and verify that everything needed is there. In case questions arise or if anything is missing, I will get back to you.

Once I know everything is in order, you will receive a paypal invoice which needs to be paid before I start working on the mix.

When the first draft of the mix is complete, you will receive a download link. Listen to your song, absorb it, take as long as you need. It’s a great idea to not only listen on headphones or speakers that you are familiar with, but to hear the mix on as many systems as you have available so you know how your fans will experience your music.

To make my job easier, please compile feedback from all stakeholders in one concise email. Usually, it takes two rounds of comments before we have a final mix. All mixes are satisfaction guaranteed. The mix is not finished until you sign off on it. All revisions are included in a flat mix rate with no hidden costs.

When the mix has been approved by all stake holders, final mix passes will be printed, including a Main Mix, TV,  Acappella, Instrumental and a Clean version (free of inappropriate language) if needed. I master all my mixes, however, I also recommend the second set of ears that a professional mastering engineer brings if you feel it’s needed.

  • “I don’t know what he does to make this happen, but every time I hear one of Unnes mixes for the first time, it’s like I fall in love with my song all over again. Amazing!”

    MARNI LUSTIG –  WOolsi
  • “Unne is a total mind reader. Actually, it’s more like he reads the mind of the song, because I always discover things in his mixes that I would have never thought of myself”

    PAUL KIM – music producer
  • “Above all, Unne is one of the easiest persons to work with. Great attitude, very respectful and professional.”                                                                                                             

  • Unne is great at supporting and embellishing his client’s artistic vision. He has a way of breathing new life into the songs he mixes, which is why he’s always my first choice!

    Michael San Pascual – mmmKay

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

I charge a flat fee of SEK 4000 to mix a song. SEK is the currency in Sweden, and 4000 SEK is, at the time I write this, about 410.00 USD or 375.00 Euro. You can check the current exchange rate for my fee in USD or in EURO.

What about discounts?

Unfortunately I cannot offer discounts, even if you want to have a complete album mixed. Every song is unique and deserves a mix that does it justice – no starting with a template for songs with similar arrangements.  I take my work seriously and spend the time needed to get the mix to sound great. Usually, that is about a day and a half of mixing, plus making revisions and communicating with the client. I think it’s a fair deal. 

How long does it take?

The turn around time from when I have all the material and my fee has been paid, until you receive the first draft of the mix, is usually between 2 and 5 days, depending on my work load. I always give an estimated completion time before starting the process.  

Where are you located?

After living in New York City for ten years, I moved back to Sweden (where I grew up), in 2010. Since 2017, I live in the small coastal town of Falkenberg.

Most of my clients never actually meet me, but some of them occasionally come to visit and to personally attend when I do revisions. That usually only happens with larger projects where the travelling and expense makes sense. All clients are welcome to my studio though, and I have two guest rooms with four beds adjacent to the studio which is located on its own floor in my home. I like having clients visit me, and staying here does not cost anything extra.

Do you also produce music?

Although my focus is almost exclusively on mixing, I do sometimes take on production gigs as well. Mostly, they have been making music for ad campaigns, most notably Volvo Cars for which I have collaborated with different artists and produced a number of songs.

Even though it’s not my main craft, when it’s the right project, I really enjoy producing music. It also helps keep my mind fresh for mixing as producing music brings different kinds of challenges. If you’ve listened to the kind of music I make and think your project could be up my alley, don’t hesitate to contact me and ask if I’d be interested. 

Contact Me

Please tell me about your project, and it would be great if you could list a few reference songs with mixes that you like and that are similar in style and arrangement to what you are working on.

Please attach an .mp3-file of your project as it currently sounds so I can get a rough idea of what needs to be done.

Audio Philosophy

To read about my random thoughts on music and audio, please check out my Audio Philosophy  section.