My name is Unne and I’m a mix engineer. Mixing records is what I do every day. It’s my job and it’s my passion.

The Makeover

Mixing is as much an art form as it is a science. Creating an amazing mix requires someone with all the right technical skills, a great set of ears and tons of experience. A good mix engineer needs to have the ability to hear what’s there now, yet instantly recognise what it can become. It’s about understanding the artist and the song, seeing the greater picture and bringing out the strongest parts and intensifying them.

Letting go of your baby

After having spent weeks or months practically living with a song, it can be hard to decide that it’s finally done and let it go. Handing it off for a professional to mix can be both exciting and a little scary. I have worked with many artists and producers over the years, helping them realize their vision of the song while still providing a fresh new perspective.

Have a listen to the before/after examples below as well as all the songs in my mixing reel on the right and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Your baby will be in good hands, I promise!

“The Best Of Me” by Jared Jones – Before/After


The Wow Effect

What constitutes a great mix? So much of it depends on what the song calls for, but some of the things I usually want to achieve is for the listener to feel enveloped and drawn in, for there to be an esthetic symmetry to the stereo image and a warm and even frequency response so that the song has a feeling of fullness. As an example, pay attention to how I changed the sound of the distorted electric guitar in the chorus of the song below:

“Who You Are” by Building Castles – Before/After

With more music than ever being made today, you want your song to stand out and for the listener to go Wow! If you’re looking for that big fat wide sound so that your song can compete with all the latest radio hits, getting it professionally mixed is a requirement. Notice the dramatic difference mixing made to the following song:

“Aye” by Michelle Adrien – Before/After


Fix it in the mix?

Not everything, but a lot can be fixed in the mix. There are two main aspects that affect the sound quality of a song: The way it was recorded and the way it was mixed. Below are two examples with very different circumstances. There were a lot of issues with the recording of the next song. The drums were recorded with very few and not so great microphones in a less than optimal room, some of the vocals were distorted, and there were timing problems between different instruments.

“Different Walls” by The McMickle Brothers – Before/After

The song below, on the other hand, was recorded in a great studio with all the best equipment and extremely professional players. As you can hear, both of them benefited a lot from being mixed.

“My Little Brown Book” by Erika – Before/After



I always master everything I mix and that service is included free of charge. Of course, you also get the unmastered 24bit mix in case you want to have it mastered elsewhere. Additionally, alternate versions such as an instrumental, a Capella, or TV mix are also included free of charge so long as they are made after the main mix is done.

Get in touch!

I’d love to hear from you, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch. The best way to reach me is via my contact form. If you’re ready to have one of your songs mixed, please read through my Price Info / FAQ page first, and don’t forget to attach a rough mix and name a few reference songs that help illustrate what you’re looking for in the mix.