The best way to find out what I can do for your music project is to listen to my work, so please press the play button! I take special pride in not being typecast into a single genre. Variation helps keep my ears fresh. There’s plenty more to listen to in the Showcase section further down. Enjoy!

 Unne Liljeblad – Mixing Highlights 

   MUSiC !


Mixing is as much an art form as it is a science. Starting with a song, a recording, and a musical arrangement, and turning them into a great sounding whole requires someone with a great set of ears, all the right technical skills, and tons of experience. The mix engineer needs to have the ability to hear past what’s there now and recognise what it can become. This is what I do every day. It’s my job and it’s my passion.

For more of my thoughts on audio and music, please check out my section on Audio Philosophy >


If you feel like you hit a wall when trying to complete your record, don’t feel bad. Mixing your own work is much much harder than mixing somebody else’s. Producing music can be a long and tedious process, and it’s easy to loose perspective or run out of creative juices when nearing the final stretch. It’s also quite rare for somebody to be an expert at all parts of the process. That’s why pretty much all major artists and producers hire professional mix engineers. Just like every great author needs a great editor, finding someone who can realise your musical vision, while adding their own magic touch so the end result exceeds your expectations, is essential if you want to compete with all the great music being made today.

If you’re interested in my help, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Please use my contact form to be sure I get all the information I need.

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While mixing other people’s music is what I spend most of my time doing, I occasionally take on production projects as well. Most of them have been helping large companies with music for their ad campaigns, but I do produce for artists as well. However, in those cases I am very selective with who I decide to work with. 

If you’re interested in working with me in a production capacity, please start by listening to my past work so you get an idea of what I do and wether we would be a good fit musically. Then use my contact form and be sure to include attachments of or links to current demo files of what you’ve got so far and/or relevant past projects so I have something to go by as well.

  • “Unne has done an amazing job mixing my records over the years. I don’t know what he does to make this happen, but everytime I hear one of his mixes for the first time, it’s like I fall in love with the song all over again.”

    MARNI LUSTIG –  WOolsi
  • “Unne is a total mind reader. Actually, it’s more like he reads the mind of the song, because I always discover things in his mixes that I would have never thought of myself”

    PAUL KIM – music producer
  • “Above all, Unne is one of the easiest persons to work with. Great attitude, very respectful and professional.”



Some mixing and production highlights

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Please tell me about your project, and be sure to include an .mp3-file of how it sounds right now. Also, please list a few reference songs with mixes that you like and that are similar in style and arrangement to your project.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!