Erika‘s new album, Obsession, is out. You can grab a copy from iTunes or listen on Spotify.

Even though I was only tasked with the mixing and doing some additional vocal recording, I got to be involved from the beginning. All the instrument tracking as well as basic vocals was done at Bennet Studios, located in what used to be an old train station in Englewood, NJ. It was really great to come and sit in on the session, getting to know ahead of time how everything was going to be recorded, what microphones would be used, and so on. It helps a lot to know these things when the time comes for mixing. I was even offered to have input on microphone and preamp choices, but the staff totally knew what they were doing and I had nothing to object to 🙂

Once all the tracking was done, it was my turn to start working. As soon as I had basic mix settings done for a few tracks, Erika and I started recording her vocals. We got to take our time, spreading out both mixing, recording and editing work over a few months time.

What really made this project a joy to work on, apart from the fact that Erika is such a nice person, was that with all the performances being top notch and the recordings themselves superb, my job was all about making something already great sound amazing. I’m really happy and proud about how this album turned out, so please go ahead and take a listen!

Obsession by Erika

Recorded by Travis Stefl
Produced by Carlton Holmes and Erika
Mixed by Unne Liljeblad
Vocals recorded by Unne and produced by Erika & Unne

Carlton Holmes (piano), Romero Lubambo (guitar), Paulo Levi (tenor & soprano saxophone), Yosvany Terry (soprano and alto saxophone), Freddie Bryant (guitar), Essiet Essiet (bass) Willard Dyson (drums) Nanny Assis (percussion)